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Artists of Tradition...

Group Announcement


Submissions will be open again from the 21st December, 2014 to the 4th of January, 2015.

A bit on math and patience

Please remember that with over 10,000 members who all can submit up to 2 devs a month, we average a whopping 100 deviations requests a day. :O So, with only two submissions admins, it can take some time to see your work accepted into the gallery. So please, remember to only submit once to avoid double submissions, make certain you read all the submission guidelines, and be patient with us. If it goes past two weeks and you've not heard anything, please feel free to note your submissions mods. Always provide the link to the correspondence message, by "Copy Link Location" from Comment or Deviation Submission process, so that the mods can find your piece among hundreds of submissions.

Thank You. :aww:

Random from Favourites

In this collection you can see the best works submitted to T-A. Enjoy :)


How to join

How to Join Traditional-Artists

:star: Just click the "Join Our Group" button on our front page.

:star: In the Note, you are required to include five (5) links to your traditional art pieces suitable for submission to our gallery. Please refer to our submission rules. This means you must have at least five deviations in your gallery, categorized under Traditional Art or Artisan Crafts, prompt to submit to our group. If you have no traditional art, or don't currently meet the minimum requirements to join our group, we encourage you to become a watcher until your body of traditional work increases, and then resubmit your request.

:star: Please do not separately Send a Note with the five links to the group unless you have a problem in joining our group.

Open Positions: Moderators and Contributors

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 2, 2014, 10:23 PM

Open Positions: Moderators


:megaphone: If you would like to apply to any of these positions, in order to be considered, you MUST follow the guidelines below:

:pointr: Send us a NOTE, with subject line "[Position Title you're interested in] Application; (all comments offering help will be appreciated, but will not officially be considered for any position)

:pointr: If you're applying to more than one position, list your Top Preference in the subject line, and include the rest in list in the actual body of a note

:pointr: Also, in the body of the note, include a short explanation as to why you think you'd be a good fit for the position

:pointr: Include you hourly availability per week - in other words, be realistic and honest about how much time you can dedicate to T-A


:note: Membership Moderators - :megaphone: 2 slots Urgently required!

:bulletblue: Process, accept/reject membership applications based on group policies
:bulletblue: Organize the back end and promotion of events
:bulletblue: Answer questions, participate in all T-A aspects

:note: Submission Moderators - :megaphone: 2 slots NOW OPEN!

:bulletblue: Process, accept/reject submissions based on submission guidelines
:bulletblue: State reasons for declined submissions
:bulletblue: Cope with members' feedback (comments & complaints)
:bulletblue: Answer questions, suggest features, participate in all T-A aspects;

:butterfly: If you have any question pertaining to these openings, or any new events they foreshadow, feel free to poke us! In addition, if this list inspires any other ideas for events and ways to make T-A a better place, we'll be glad to hear from you :)

T-A STAFF: Who's Who

In this section of the journal you will be able to see a list of T-A Staff members, and the descriptions to their position responsibilities. We hope this will prove a useful reference to both newcomers and anyone who has a question, but doesn't know which Admin to poke.

:note: T-A Founder

:snowflake: :iconcaelitha: [Laura]:snowflake:
:pointr: Our T-A Goddess - she's almighty!
:pointr: Oversees all actions of other staff members, makes all the final decisions;
:pointr: Communicates with present and potential Affiliates, provides contest updates and winning features;
:pointr: Peeks in on every corner of T-A, answers questions, showers love on our members;
:pointr: Inspires us all to make this a great place;

:note: Membership Admin

:snowflake: :iconrinfey: [Catherine]:snowflake:
:pointr: Accepts/Rejects membership applications based on decided guidelines;
:pointr: Welcomes members to the club, answer questions;
:pointr: Moderates Q&A sessions, hold voting rights;
:pointr: Events and Happenings Direction
:pointr: Birthdays Journal Management
:pointr: Contest Organization- Brainstorms themes, organizes the back end and promotion of the event, gathers prizes for contests

:note: Affiliates/Critique Night Admin

:snowflake: :iconelveanna: [Elve] :snowflake:
:pointr: Critique Night Director
:pointr: Moderates most Q&A sessions, compiles interviews, holds voting rights
:pointr: Affiliates Interaction
:pointr: Any Game related features, and membership tutorials

:note: Submission Moderators

:snowflake: :iconrinaswan: [Rina] :snowflake:
:snowflake: :iconkw-scott: [Kevin] :snowflake:
:snowflake: :iconrandomsearcher: [Kate]:snowflake:
:pointr: Process, accept/reject submissions;
:pointr: Clear out membership list for deactivated/banned members;
:pointr: Suggest features, participate in all T-A aspects;
:pointr: Answer questions, hold voting rights;

:note:  And our dear :iconjldragonfly: who's still around when we need her even though she can't be around as much as she'd like!  :hug:


:note: Past T-A Staff
The following deviants have dedicated many hours of their time to T-A in the duration of the club's existence: we're endlessly appreciative and glad to have had these people on our team!


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Elena-Palenko Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014

Thank you for accepting me!

Kai45 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Trying to submit;
Death Note - L mini plush by Kai45 Samus v.s. Metroid by Kai45

but submissions aren't working. I don't recall getting a notice that they'd be this just me??
rinaswan Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
The announcement about group submission is right on the front page. ^^
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submissions don't open till the 21st
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Thank you for accepting me :)
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