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Journal Entry: Fri Feb 24, 2012, 6:14 AM

Critique Night is starting in half an hour! Come join us!
Attention please! Because of a big backlog the Critique Wanted folder is closed for the time being. It is starting to look better, but we still have way too many works in it to be able to allow new ones in, sorry. :(

If you want to receive an additional reminder that there will be a CN the day before it takes place, comment on this journal!


May's Critique Night is this week, see if you can make it!

:pointr: Date:Saturday, May 5th
:pointr: Time:4pm GMT
Use this Time Zone Converter to work out what time that is for you.
:pointr: Location: T-A Chatroom
:pointr: Anything else? As usual, how long it takes depends on how many people are there; ask any questions you have in the comments or note the group or me, Elveanna; and remember that you can't submit anything this time! :thumbsup:

See you there! :wave:

I will post the pieces from last time together with those that are going to get feedback now.


If you like to give people feedback on their work, you know a bit about art and would like to take on some responsibility, apply as Critic Contributor!

Here you can read how you can apply.


People who want feedback on a piece of art submit it as explained below.
In the actual Critique Night the work that is currently given feedback will be displayed as a thumbnail at the top of the chat window. Everyone present is given some time to think about it. If one wants to say something, they raise their hand by posting ^ and wait until the moderator calls on them. Then they post their feedback, preferably typed while waiting.
The feedback should be helpful and constructive and cover the good aspects as well as those the artist can improve on.
The moderator will call on people to give their feedback in the order they ^ed. If they're done, they type "finished", so people know they can move on.

Example (from 1st CN):
<Elveanna> [Moderator in this case] for everyone: piece xy is next
<Donguri7> ^
<BJ92-ESQUE> ^
<Elveanna> okay, Donguri7
<Donguri7> I love this one, the handling of the charcoal is amazing, especially in the rendering of the eyes - so subtle. I would say that the nose is too light, drawing too much attention away from the gentler parts of the work.
<Donguri7> Really the cheekbone closest to us should have a stronger higlight, and the nose less
<LeahJay> ^
<Donguri7> But I love the way you've treated the other lights, like on the collar
<Elveanna> ^
<WhisperingWolf> ^
<Donguri7> And how you've contrasted a light background to the dark side of the face, and vice versa
<Donguri7> *finished
<Elveanna> allright, BJ92-ESQUE's turn  (...)

Usually a piece gets feedback from about four people. In order to be fair we try to have about 20-30 minutes of time for every piece. If more people want to give feedback, they will be asked to do so directly at the work, if there are very few it might be put back to the Critique Wanted folder to get some more.

And some helpful chat basics:
:bulletred: If you enter a chatroom and see nothing - don't think it's empty and leave immediately. Your browser just won't know what as been chatted already, so it will seem blank, even if there are people present :)
:bulletred: To see who is online, look to the right. The grey colummn there (the frame of the overall chat window) lists all the people present - if there is only your name, then you are alone.
:bulletred: Please give people some time to respond - logging on and off in split seconds makes it hard to greet you. Especially when people are typing feedback it might look very quiet and empty, but a friendly "hello" is almost always answered within one or two minutes.
:bulletred: If you want to talk someone explicitly, you can "tab" them: type the first letters of the user's name, (e.g. El for Elveanna), then press tab - and the browser will complete the name. If you then post what you said, it will be highlighted in the recipient's window. Very helpful if there are many people talking simultaneously :)

But really, the best way to find out how a CN works and what it is like is to participate! Just pop in and take a look, we're all really friendly! :glomp:


:new: Attention! The Critique Wanted folder is currently closed.

:pointr: A folder has been opened in favorites: "Critique Wanted" - to which anyone at any time is able to submit. You can submit as many pieces as you like, but in a Critique Night only one will get feedback!
Please note: We only accept traditional work!
:pointr: Works from said folder will be selected in the order they were submitted to get feedback during Critique Nights;
:pointr: Works that received critique from TA will be moved to the favorites folder "Critiqued by TA".

:bulletyellow: There will be about 10 Critique Night slots. In order to have one of these secure please not only submit your work to the folder, but also write the group a Note with the title "Critique Wanted" or something similar and a link to your work. Slots will be filled by notes first, then the rest will be selected from the folder.

:bulletyellow: Until now pieces directly submitted at the Critiqe Night usually recieved feedback as well. Be aware that with the opening of the "Critique Wanted" folder we will probably have enough pieces for a whole CN - so if you just submit at the Critique Night, you might have to wait till the next one!
If you want to be sure to get feedback, submit your work officially to the folder.

:megaphone: Please note:
The folder is open to all members. If you have some time and feel like it - go and give some feedback, it's rewarding for both sides!


:pointr: Materialism by Nanakonomidori:…

:pointr: DIY Implant by Shisho2k:…

:pointr: MANA by BanMoon:…

:pointr: this is the craziest thing by ancira:…

:pointr: Mel by CarlooSolrac:…

:pointr: GLEE - Chord Overstreet by verkoka:…

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KW-Scott Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Well Elve I hope you get a good crowd! :D
BlackwolfSilverpaw Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd like submit one of my deviations to the "Critique Wanted" folderfor the next upcoming 26th Critique Night but I can't find any "submit" button there. Can anybody help me out please?
KW-Scott Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
The folder is closed until we clear out some of the backlog... sorry :-(
BlackwolfSilverpaw Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh I see. Thanks for letting me know. I'll try and wait till it will be open again :)
LeahJay Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
send me a reminder Elve :D I will try to make it!
KW-Scott Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Looks Great Elve! :D I"m looking forward to the 24th! I hope lots of folks decide to join me! :D
LeahJay Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
I'll be there Saturday March 3 :D
KW-Scott Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Sorry I feel like I let everyone down on the Bi-Weekly deal so I'm going to do my best to pull it off this month and hopefully from now on! :D
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